i am an educator, designer, and a dreamer.

my passion and interest for graphic design evolved from my early interest in art. Arriving at holistic design solutions which convey the essence of the products inspire my designs. my early experience in design, was as an entrepreneur – providing design services in India. over the past decade, i have worked in the design field in India, Germany and the United States – educating myself at each stop, improving upon my understanding of the field and broadening my design repertoire.

i completed my undergraduate studies in graphic design from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and graduated with a with master’s degree from college of design, architecture, art, and planning (DAAP) at the university of Cincinnati, in 2019.

i have worked on projects involving editorial design, user experience and interface, environmental graphics, data visualization, design strategy, design research and branding. the prime focus of work today lies in creating products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences in my areas of interest – education and wellbeing.

i welcome you to check my work displayed on this website. write me an email or leave me a note on this website, if you would like to collaborate with me for developing design solutions.